The Best Experience in Vape

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You might be thinking to yourself, “Whatever, vaping is just a fad, it’s just too new and hasn’t been tested – it’s not here to stay.” Well, you can think what you want, but they aren’t going anywhere. Sure, e cigs have changed over the years, but for the better. As technology gets more and more advanced, the technology utilized in e cigs will continue to improve as well – there’s no stopping it. FROM HUMBLE BEGININGS The first electronic cigarette patent was filed in 1963 by a dude named Herbert A. Gilbert. According to an interview with Mr. Gilbert, he said that it was kind of obvious that inhaling burnt stuff was gross. So he did what any normal human being would do and used “logic” to create a smoking alternative that didn’t rely on the need for combustion (okay, maybe not any normal human being – I’m hardly industrious enough to cook Kraft Dinner on my own). If you look at Herbert’s patent, you’ll see that it looks almost exactly like those cig-a-likes that you see advertised on t.v., and if you know anything about e cigs (it’s okay if you don’t because that’s why we’re writing this guide – there’s no judging here) you’ll find familiar concepts in his patent like flavor cartridges, heating elements, and smokeless flavored air.