Keyword Researcher – Clever YouTube Plugin Affliliate Program

Become an Affiliate for Keyword Researcher or the Clever YouTube Plugin

You get 51% each time someone buys our products via your Affiliate Link.

Keyword Researcher and the Clever YouTube Plugin are for sale via the marketplace. Clickbank is the the biggest Affiliate Network in the world. You can sign up to get your free Clickbank ID here. Once                                           you have a Clickbank ID, then paste it below to                                             create an affiliate link.

How much do I get paid?

Each time someone buys Keyword Researcher or the Clever YouTube Plugin via your affiliate link then you get 51% of the product sale price. The product sale price varies based on several factors. For example if we’re having a sale, or if the user has a coupon. But you always get 51% of what we get.