Mr. DeWitt The Affiliate

Welcome to my website Mr. DeWitt The Affiliate,  I’m the proprietor and creator of this site. I came upon Affiliate Marketing in late 2015 through an online program. Signing up with Affilated Programs and Networks I’d begin promoting my first product.   I have posted hundreds of products through FREE Online Classifieds and numerous Social Media  and  Affiliate programs.   This site has and continues to put together The Marketplace, with over thirty plus categories ranging from Arts and Entertainment to Employment to learning a new language.  With over 250 plus products and growing.

As an online retailer,  and an Affiliate Marketer my Marketplace sells digital products worldwide created by entrepreneurs. Promoting Affiliate products with categories ranging from Self Help advice to at work home  Employment opportunities and so much more. My Affiliate Marketplace is unique as I have partnered with the BEST AFFILIATE PROGRAMS selling millions types of products  at prices you can afford.   Beginning March  2017 Mr DeWitt The Affiliate will begin promoting categories ranging from women’s apparel, jewelry, household furniture, to all the latest technology .  It’s like shopping at a mall without the crowd.

My expansion in Social Networking has me searching for individuals to partner with me as an Affiliate Marketer.   If the field of Affiliate Marketing finds you wanting more, drop me a message,  The task of posting ads on various sites and social media outlets is pretty simple, and easy to do. With challenging marketing strategies such as getting traffic to your site up to connecting with that repeat potential buyer.   If Affiliate Networking connects with you and are willing to build you own Affiliate Domain and put your passion, niche, even hobbies into online over drive with your very own website.  Please don’t hesitate to leave comments at the bottom of this page regarding this site, the product on this site, The Affiliate Programs available or product that you may be looking for.  Thank you for visiting and happy browsing.




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